New Additions To The Blogroll

It's been a while, so it's time to highlight a few blogs that I've been reading lately and am adding to the Blogroll:
The Happy Capitalist is "an over-forty financial advisor" living in Northern California. He's got a good mix of business and finance commentary and personal observations (and some good cartoons).

Ask Uncle Bill has a fair amount of personal finance advice, but also makes comments about finance issues of the day.

Kirby on Finance is primarily a personal finance site. It updates about twice weekly, and is pretty well written, covering wide variety of issues.

I've saved the best for last. Going Private is a newer blog run by an unknown private equity (i.e. buyout and venture capital) professional named Equity Private. EP has a great mix of posts - sometimes it's solid commentary on financial issues related to private equity, and sometimes it's a recounting of the almost "soap opera-esque" lives of the people involved. I only wish there were more frequent updates, but I can understand it - EP has pretty high opportunity costs.
If you have any other recommendations for blogs to add, please let me know (and why).