This Week's Carnival of The Capitalists (at Byrne's Marketview)

This week's Carnival of The Capitalists is up at Byrne's Marketview. It has the usual incredibly diverse set of posts from a large cast of characters. Here are some of the more "finance/econ" related ones:
--Peter at Fund Universe details the 5 most common investor errors today. Point three is particularly salient: Hedge funds and private equity accounts are not a seperate asset class at all, and it's dangerous to diversify your way into a "hot", volatile, illiquid investment like them.

--Joshua Sharf at Three-Letter Monte ("An MBA/MSF Pursues a CFA") examines pass rates for the CFA exams, and looks at how a changing perspective on which exam should be done when has affected test-takers' activities.

--Tony Straka of The Prudent Investor - seeing too many bubbles is treading on dangerous ground: he wonders if "Conundrum" is short for "Surefire indicator of future recession" in Greenspanspeak. Whether or not that's true, I have to ask: Do you really want to further limit what Mr. Greenspan permits himself to say?

--Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture looks at how Britain is following the same path as the US, with high consumer debt, increasing interest rates, and even a real-estate bubble. Scary.