Almost Done With The Paper

I've spent most of the last few days finishing the paper I'll present during my interview on Friday at Unknown University. It's pretty much done- there's just one more section of results to write up (about a page) plus the conclusions.

I think it should go well - I've got an interesting topic and pretty good results. Just as important, it's a paper that lends itself to "storytelling" during the presentation, so it should be a good one for showing off my capabilities as a researcher and presenter.

With that, it's now time for my beauty rest, so I'll leave you with a great list from Vegreville titled "Why I Like Being An Academic:
  1. You can work on intellectually interesting problems.
  2. Almost everyone you work with is smart: other academics and the students.
  3. It's great to see a student suddenly understand something new.
  4. It's great to understand something new myself. Learning is fun, and that is what I mainly do.
There are quite a few more - read them here.

Lists like this are a good thing. I see too many people in academia that have forgotten what a great job they have - I think it's because they either never had a real job or can't remember what one is like in the outside world.

I do remember (I've had a lot of bad ones), and I'm constantly thankful for this great job I have. I think I'll keep this list on my wall in my office to remind me.